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Creating music is a personal desire for me. It doesn't matter what kind of music or which style it is. As long as it sounds good. As long as it moves people. As long as it will reach peoples mind, touch their hearts and deliver the message.



"I heard the Silence Master..."

I know this does not sound normal. But sometimes I hear music in my mind that seems to be created in advance. Music that sounds so clear and pristine that physical ears are left far behind. Music of such enormously high sonic quality that no production facility can reproduce it. Ever. This is my biggest joy and my biggest sadness. But I will keep on tryng....

Unfortunately I am still the only one to benefit from this, but I am sure that some day you will be able to hear the voice of these Angels too....


Well Mother Earth is calling so here are a few songs. Some of them I think I made my self, some of them I know that I did not. I just heard them in the Silence and made a copy for the physical ears of mankind (and animals and ....)




Resurrection Part 1  
Resurrection Part 2  
Resurrection Part 3
Secret Mind Part 1  
Secret Mind Part 2  
Secret Mind Part 3  

Ave Maria

Buddha bleibet meine Freude  
Om Ma Hung.mp3  
No more  
Ride with the Wind  
The Chosen One  
EmAn'Em - The Golden Child  
Vadum sangen VIF, Jens Olesen/Fønsbo  
Pure Malt web site   


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