MicroSonic Studio

MicroSonic Studio





 Recording Studio
Music Production Facility.

In this studio there are 3 levels of service:
1. MicroSonic Music & Recording Studio is not a commercial studio. My highest priority is the creation of music. My music.
2. MicroSonic Music & Recording Studio is still not a commercial studio. At service level 2 I help my friends making music. If it is good heartfelt music.

Now you know your rank in the hierachy please feel free to move around and look at these pages and if you want to know more than I have offered here, please read rule no. 3 below.
3. You can mail me any time. My name is David. I live in Århus so drop by some day. Im always behind, inside or under the console!
Schematic download has moved to: http://www.AudioSchematics.dk
Peace, love and sonic harmony

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